Video shows how a couple of TradFi Degens went rouge, middle fingered their Hedge Fund overlords...

to build a wealth growth machine which grows your money by 8% per month, without risking a rug pull

(only paying if we make you money)


Minimum Investment

Test out our solution for less than a night on the beers.



Unlike some risky crypto projects all of brokers and systems are regulated for your protection


Gains in 16 months

Consistent grow of your funds to ensure your cash is working for you



If you don't make money in the first 14 days you get your money back

Over £2,000,000 already being managed for clients

Wen Lambo?

Use our calculator to work out when you can buy yours

How It Works


Fill out the form to see if you are a good fit - you will be sent a link to a private Telegram


You create your own brokerage account - we never have access to your fund


Add as much money as you want - min is £200


Sit back and watch your money work for you 24/7

What we do

To grow your money 24/7

Use the same methods as Hedge Funds

Before White's only the wealthy had access to these types of investment strategies. Needing to invest millions to be allowed access.

White's has removed that boundary, using the same techniques as the exclusive Hedge Funds for normal people

  • Same strategies as the exclusive hedge funds

  • £200 minimum investment vs £1,000,000s

  • Your money does not leave your personal account

Build Algorithms To Earn From The Market

Our Degen Quants have built algorithms for wealthy hedge funds for years before coming deciding to share their ways of making money from the markets with everyone.

  • Ex Hedge Fund Quants buildings the algorithms

  • Producing 8% per month (average)

  • Monitored 24/7

Produce Steady Compound Growth Of Investment

At White's we aim of steady growth over time - not fast overnight spike. This is the method the wealthy has used for decades rather than the gamble mentality of the masses - thing lottery

  • Steady growth - aiming for 8% per month

  • Not fast like gambling in a meme coin

  • Copying how the wealthiest on earth invest

Make an extra £10,000 by just sharing this opportunity with others

You can get paid for sharing this opportunity for you friends, family

Even better - share across either Twitter, TicTok or YouTube and make £1,000s per month.

You get a cut of profits from EVERY PERSON you intro EVERY MONTH!

Register here to get step by step guide on how to make money sharing White's

(all White clients are automatically added to this programme)

More Results...

Even in a bear market

29.38% in 5 months

Monthly Gains

142.19% in 2.5 years

Monthly Gains

Why White's Was Created

A team of Hedge Fund quants became tired of the system that only worked for the wealthy. They saw first hand the amount of money they were making these people, while normal people struggled with inflation.

They decided to break away using their knowledge to implement the same system for normal people like you. Sharing the wealth and building a community.

  • Grow a community to fight against the system that suits the wealthy

  • A community where everyone is rewarded for their efforts

Questions? Answers

What is the minimum I can invest?

We keep it really low so you can try it - £200

Remember if you went a Hedge Fund it would be £1 mill+

Who can invest?

We want to offer this to as many people as possible.

Sadly because we are regulated we are not allowed to offer this to people in the USA

Do you hold my money?

Nope - the money is kept in YOUR broker account and only you can add and withdraw from it. This is to ensure funds cannot be stolen.

You just give White's permission to make investments on your behalf.

Is your broker regulated?

It certainly is here is the link to the broker so you can check them out

How does your guarantee work?

To show you how confident we are in our solution - if you don't make any money in the first 14 days

You can have you money back

Can I lose my money?

Simply yes!

We are investing on your behalf. No investment is 100% guaranteed.

Our team monitor the algorithms to ensure we they are as resilient as possible

Who is this NOT for?

  • You are not willing to lose the money you invest

  • You are based in the US

  • You worry about your investment dropping on a daily basis

  • You don't have long term investment mindset

  • You think this will give you Meme coin gains (we are not like Pepe)

Apply here to start growing your wealth

Instructions will follow immediately

Investing or trading using leveraged products like derivatives might not be suitable for all investors as it can carry a high degree of risk to your capital. Seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts